In a nutshell: Stéphane Reynaud wrote this book in 2008 just after his acclaimed Pork & Sons; with 88 inspirational and easy recipes for traditional and modern terrines.

Stéphane Reynaud wrote this book in 2008 just after his acclaimed Pork & Sons, an instant classic that catapulted him into the international cookery book world bestseller lists. With over 88 recipes (including our favourites duck breast terrine with green peppercorns and a notable pig's head paté), all illustrated with beautiful photographs, that offer inspiration and insight into both the traditional and modern ways of cooking terrines. 

About Stéphane Reynaud
Our great friend, French chef and cookbook author Stéphane Reynaud is well-known in the UK through his passionate cookbooks like Pork & Sons, Terrine and Ripailles, all filled with a joie de vivre and wit that make you want to cook the French classics again and again. Stéphane grew up and still lives in Saint Agreve, a remote village high up in the Ardeche famed for its curative air and traditional food products. Every weekend, faithful French foodies drive up the tortuous roads from Valence to queue at Teyssier, the best local charcuterie and butcher shop for miles around, renowned for their caillettes, saucissons and aged air-cured hams. Stéphane’s grandparents also owned the other local butcher shop and he grew up learning the local rituals of slaughtering happy free range pigs nurtured on a gourmet diet of potatoes and cabbage! “Home is where the heart is. I love this place and couldn’t exist without this magical part of France. It’s very wild but tender at the same time.” Stéphane says “Because we’re so isolated we’re obliged to uphold traditions that’s why we still have the pigs and kill them every year for food.”