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Organic Greek Herbs Olive Oil Kit


In a nutshell: Innovative organic Greek flavoured olive oils made naturally without additives, essential oils or preservatives. These three herb oils will add some amazing flavour to all your dishes, everything from salads and stews to roasts and grills.

London IOCC 2019 Platinum Award 
Great Taste 2019 3-star award

Let’s get one thing straight from the start. These are not the kind of olive oils that have been lovingly crafted by gnarly handed artisans from a fifth-generation family concern in some charmingly dilapidated mill, miles from anywhere.

Yes, they are lovingly crafted, but by food technicians, working at the top of their game with state-of-the-art equipment and the finest raw materials, using ultra-modern methods to create organic oils that, nonetheless, are infused with the ancient breath of the land by which their olives have been nurtured. 

The innovative Pellas ‘one-step’ system extracts the taste and flavour of fresh herbs and fruits directly into Greek extra-virgin olive oil. The result is a range of olive oils that truly reflect the delicacy and subtlety of the flavours being captured, from sage, thyme and rosemary to lemon, basil, garlic and chilli – all of which are organic and locally grown.

These oils aren’t synthetic in any way. There are no additives used, no essential oils, no artificial flavourings – and neither does it taste as if there are. They are the perfect marriage of scientific knowhow and gourmet sensibility and confer the essence of the Mediterranean with each organic drop.

How to use

  • Try them all in salad dressings, especially ones in which the oils would chime with and accentuate the flavour of the salad components. The basil variety works wonders with a simple Italian tomato, basil and mozzarella tricolore salad.
  • Try the thyme oil drizzled over fennel-and-lemon-stuffed, grilled sea bass.
  • The rosemary oil is perfect with roast or grilled lamb.
  • Drizzle the oregano oil over a slab of feta for a classic Greek taverna dish.
  • Use in place of a regular olive oil to finish grilled meat and fish dishes. Try the basil drizzled over flattened and char-grilled chicken breasts.
  • They’re also good slathered over slow-cooked dishes to pep up their flavours before serving. 

Details Oregano Extra-Virgin Olive Oil 250ml bottle  + Thyme Extra-Virgin Olive Oil 250ml bottle + Rosemary Extra-Virgin Olive Oil 250ml bottle 

About Pellas Nature
Edessa is the ancient capital of the Pella region of Greece’s Central Macedonia province. Here, at the gateway to the rugged Pindar Mountains, is where Pellas Nature has invested in a hi-tech laboratory designed with one purpose in mind – to produce the finest-quality organic infused olive oils, which capture the unique character of the land whence they come.

Pellas Nature is inspired by the flavours and aromas of native Greek aromatic plants. A walk around the laboratory is like a stroll along a Greek mountainside in spring, with the competing aromas of thyme, rosemary, oregano and lemon borne on the air. It is these distinctive aromas that their one-step infusion system is designed to capture – and to transmit to your cooking.


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