Italian Hamper


In a nutshell: Our perfect Italian pantry hamper includes award-winning Carnaroli rice to make risotto, oil and vinegar, Balsamic condiment, capers and pasta sauce.

Riserva San Massimo Superfino Carnaroli rice
Great Taste 2018 2-Star award winner
The very best risotto rice there is, this 100% carnaroli is grown among the pristine and fertile soils of an Italian nature reserve and is now being used by top chefs like Heston Blumenthal.

Don Giovanni Balsamidea Condimento 'Gentile' (6 Years)
Superior-quality balsamic vinegar, made in the time-honoured way by the fourth generation of a family of small-scale producers. The finished article is a thick, viscous and glossy balsamic, with a rounded, velvety texture and a complex flavour, influenced by all the different woods it has been aged in.  

Bosco Falconeria Organic Nero d'Avola Vinegar
Sicilian Nero d'Avola red wine, acetified and aged in oak and chestnut barrels, makes a lively and earthy everyday red wine vinegar perfect for salad dressings and adding to classic caponata.

Bosco Falconeria Organic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
This fabulous organic Sicilian Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, made from a blend of hand-picked Biancolilla, Cerasuola and Nocellara olives by Natalia Simeti on the Bosco Falconeria estate, has a delicate, herbaceous and fruity flavour to delight all palates with myriad everyday uses.

White Wine Vinegar
Great taste 2018 1-star award winner
This great Alpine white wine vinegar, made by celebrated wine-makers  Pojer e Sandri,  is a superb everyday vinegar to use in your kitchen. Obtained from the  acidification of white wine made by a mix of aromatic grapes, such as Müller-Thurgau, Sauvignon, Riesling, Traminer, Kerner, Manzoni and Chardonnay. The blended white wine is placed in oak, cherry or acacia barrels to acetify for up to 2 years before bottling. 

Sapori Eoliani Capers in Vinegar
These Nocellaro capers come from Salina, an Aeolian island just north of Sicily, famed for its caper production. Hand-picked and salted by the De Lorenzo family and packed in a mild vinegar that does not mask their true flavour. Recognised by the Slow Food Presidium.

Sapori Eoliani Concentrato Eoliano
This sauce is made with capers, tomatoes, Extra-Virgin olive oil and vinegar. Perfect as a topping for bruschetta or using as a quick pasta sauce or adding a little to meat stews to enrich the flavour.

Details: White Wine Vinegar (250ml) + Capers in Vinegar (200g) + Concentrato Eoliano (200g) + Balsamidea Condimento 'Gentile' (100ml) + Organic Extra-Virgin olive oil (250ml) + Organic Nero d'Avola Vinegar (250ml) + Carnaroli Rice (500g)