Skeppshult Cast-Iron Meat Tenderiser


In a nutshell: Look no further if you need a heavy cast-iron meat tenderiser in your kitchen and life - this is it!

This heavy cast-iron meat tenderiser is just perfect for flattening veal escalopes before bread crumbing for classic Milanese or butterflied beef flank for rolling into Argentinian matambre with chimichurri sauce. We also use it as a weight pressed down on salted anchovies or cucumbers pre-pickling.

Details size 9.2cm x 8cm x 8cm, 1.6 kg weight

About Skeppshult
Skeppshult was founded in 1906 by C.E. Andersson. Known for their robust, high quality cast-iron products. Each item is made by hand, pouring molten iron into special moulds that use very fine sand from Lake Vättern close to their factory in Sweden. The sand has been compressed under several tons of pressure making it capable of withstanding the extremely high temperature of the hot cast-iron as it's poured into their induction furnaces. Once cooled, the mould is separated and the product is left to cool before further work is carried out honing and finessing their shape. Then, they are seasoned with local rapeeseed from Osterlen which both protects the cast-iron from external damage and helps to give it it's natural non-stick property. The pure cast-iron ensures effective heat distribution and efficient energy usage, making all Skeppshult products some of the most eco-friendly cookware to use in your kitchen.

Do not wash in the dishwasher, simply clean by hand with a brush and wipe dry with kitchen paper and occasionally rub lightly with a little rapeseed or vegetable oil.

Every item made by Skeppshult has a 25 year guarantee.