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Abbaye de Rieunette Organic Lemon Oil


In a nutshell: Zesty lemon infused olive oil made by nuns in the South of France.

Use this excellent aromatised oil to make citrusy salad dressings, add to a herb-infested tabbouleh or simply drizzle over some grilled fish with herbs or use to make an intense wok-fried lemon chicken sautéing also with onions, peppers and herbs. 

Details 250ml

About Abbaye de Rieunette
The Cistercian nuns of the Abbaye of Saint Marie de Rieunette in Ladern-sur-Lauquet near Carcassonne are a hard-working bunch. Founded in 1162 and today there are about thirty sisters in its congregation. Carefully observing the Rule of Saint Benedict, they punctuate their days of liturgical prayer with the simple and satisfying pleasure of working the land surrounding the abbey. Tending the herbs used in the flavoured oils, growing vegetables to eat and making jams and fruit syrups all sold under their ‘Couleur Ciel” (‘Coloured Sky) brand. All the oils bear the 'Nature Progres' label, an indication that they are 100% organically made to specific recognised European regulations.

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