Sommariva Cru Ruxlà Organic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

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In a nutshell: This organic extra-Virgin olive oil from Liguria is perfect as a finishing oil, drizzled over salads, seafood and vegetables.

Cru Ruxià is a cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil with BIO certification. Obtained from a perfect balance of different olive cultivars, including Leccino, Colombaia, Frantoio and Taggiasca, it combines the genuineness of the organic with the low acidity of the selected olive mix. Perfect on salads and as a finishing oil on all your dishes,

Details: 750ml 

About Sommariva
The Sommariva family based in Liguria are renowned for their olive oil and taggiasca olives. Run by Agostino Sommariva, his wife Anna and their children, their respect for traditional and timeless production techniques and organic farming is legendary. The great attention paid to the cultivation and production of all the raw materials of the Sommariva product line, for over 100 years is guaranteed both by Bio certifications and by the collaboration since 1972 that Domenico Sommariva has established with the organization "Suolo e Salute", which more and more it plays an important role of biological control, of which he was also one of the founders. From that moment the Sommariva farm cultivates its own land that overlooks the sea in the plain of Albenga and in the hills of the Val Lerrone - to date, the company has more than 30 years of experience in the organic farming sector conducted in full compliance with the regulations and with absolute control over the products, the ingredients and the procedure. Today, the Sommariva Company is also among the first Italian companies to have obtained the "Carbon Trust Standard" certification, thus proving careful to reduce emissions in the atmosphere of carbon and greenhouse gases thanks to the choice of "green" partners. 

As Agostino says "For us, olive oil is not just a food, but a passion and a family history: we believe that the traditional methods of production, those that in Western Liguria are well known and that the whole world admires, are the means to bring to your tables a genuine, tasty and healthy food."