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Stéphane Reynaud Coco Beans and Petit Salé

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In a nutshell: Delicious combo of coco beans, vegetables and pork saucissons all jarred up in a lovely re-usable Weck jar from our favourite French chef Stéphane Reynaud. 

This is a great combo of delicious coco beans, vegetables, sausages and different salted pork cuts all jarred up in a lovely re-usable Weck jar. A classic traiteur-style taste of the rural Ardeche from our favourite French chef Stéphane Reynaud.  Simply reheat gently by either emptying the contents into a saucepan or just put the jar in a saucepan of gently simmering water to reheat for 15 minutes. Packed full of flavour, it's a perfect brunch or midweek meal solution - just add fresh baguettes and a side salad! Once opened, refrigerate if there's anything left in the re-usable jar!

Details 720g; 3 year shelf life, serves 2 as a main meal

About Stéphane Reynaud and Teyssier
Our great friend, French chef and cookbook author Stéphane Reynaud is well-known in the UK through his passionate cookbooks like Pork & Sons, Terrine and Ripailles, all filled with a joie de vivre and wit that make you want to cook the French classics again and again. Stéphane grew up and still lives in Saint Agreve, a remote village high up in the Ardeche famed for its curative air and traditional food products. Every weekend, faithful French foodies drive up the tortuous roads from Valence to queue at Teyssier, the best local charcuterie and butcher shop for miles around, renowned for their caillettes, saucissons and aged air-cured hams. Stéphane’s grandparents also owned the other local butcher shop and he grew up learning the local rituals of slaughtering happy free range pigs nurtured on a gourmet diet of potatoes and cabbage! “Home is where the heart is. I love this place and couldn’t exist without this magical part of France. It’s very wild but tender at the same time.” Stéphane says “Because we’re so isolated we’re obliged to uphold traditions that’s why we still have the pigs and kill them every year for food.”

Now, his love of his homeland has resulted in a stunning range of terrines and traiteur-style 'ready meals' made in his local village by the famed charcuterie firm Teyssier. Stéphane’s collaboration with Teyssier combines the best of old and new traditions – Teyssier’s experience with making the very best charcuterie using local ingredients without any preservatives and Stéphane’s playful and modern take on traditional French recipes to create these exciting and delicious terrines. The aim is to reinforce the best of French charcuterie while breaking a few rules. The result is a small revolution, and revelation, in the world of meat preserves. Great flavours combine with modern, fun labels that update the usually staid world of French charcuterie and preserved food. Teyssier is a family-owned business producing charcuterie since 1871, and has been awarded 13 medals over the last 6 years at the prestigious annual Concours Général Agricole (Paris French Agriculture Fair) Contest.

Available for the first time in the UK and we are very excited to be sole UK distributor of this product.

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