Greek Wildflower Honey


In a nutshell: Delicious silky textured wildflower honey from Thassos, an island in the the north-east Aegean, famed for its honey production. 

This wildflower honey comes from Thassos, an island in the the north-east Aegean, famed for its honey production. The ancient Greeks rated the island's honey and we also love this silky textured honey collected from the flowers and shrubs that populate the lowland plains to the west of the port of Skala Prinos. Honey is also the main ingredient of the sweets and cakes that fill the island bakeries and other shops. The best known of these is a walnut sweet made from young, tender walnuts picked early in the spring, a honey-soaked 'halvas' from the village of Kallirachi and a traditional honey flavoured pie pastry called 'saragli'. The island lies close to the Greek mainland, and tends not to be affected by the sometimes fierce summer meltemi winds that sweep across southern Aegean islands like the Cyclades. The Thassos climate is also far more gentle in summer, allowing the busy bees to work on honey collection all day long. Once foraged by the bees and harvested from the hives, the honey is stored in  tanks before bottling. Finally, it is cold packed by hand without the addition of artificial additives or flavourings. Try it the Greek way with herbal teas or as a topping on fresh thick Greek yogurt and ice-cream or simply spread on a toasted bread and drizzle on crepes and pancakes.

Details 400g

About Trea
The Trea brand has been created by the award-winning Navarino Icons with the simple aim to introduce the best that Greece has to offer - sourcing high-quality natural ingredients made using traditional methods without the addition of preservatives. Utilising respected and certified local producers from all over Greece to bring three ('Trea' in Greek) of the best honeys, olives and extra virgin olive oils into the marketplace. At the heart of the company’s philosophy lies its strong commitment to environmental responsibility along with a genuine respect for local traditions and communities.



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