Seafood Vinegar Kit


In a nutshell: Cover all your seafood scenarios with this exciting set of four different flavoured vinegars perfect for all kinds of cooking.

This exciting set of four vinegars will prepare you for every seafood scenario. The Shallot vinegar is brilliant for making sauces like tartare and Gribiche, the Sushi Ginger vinegar is perfect for all sushi, sashimi and rice dishes, the Oyster vinegar for freshly-shucked oysters and the Citrus Vinegar for seafood salads and grilled fish.

Shallot Vinegar
This fragrant vinegar is made by macerating finely minced Griselle grey shallots (échalotes grises) with white Pineau de Charentes vinegar. Its delicate and sweet flavour and aroma make it perfect for vinaigrettes for salads and crudités. Great for deglazing pans when making quick sauces with butter or adding to tartare, Gribiche and béarnaise sauces. We like to drizzle over pan-fried fish and offal dishes or combine with chopped herbs when making simple marinades and sauces for seafood dishes.

Sushi Ginger Vinegar
This sprightly and perfumed ginger vinegar is made from white Pineau des Charentes vinegar combined with fresh and confit ginger, lime zest, fleur de sel and a little sugar. The result is an invigorating elixir that enlivens all sorts of dishes - ideal for seasoning sushi rice and pouring into small bowls, alongside the soy sauce, when serving sushi and sashimi. We also add to scallops, duck and fruit salads. Brilliant in pork and beef stir-fry's and also great for chicken and seafood marinades. 
Great Taste 2018 3-star award winner.

Oyster Vinegar
Spice up your next seafood fruit de mer platter with this brilliant little pot of rosé Pineau de Charentes vinegar combined with finely chopped shallots. Quite simply the perfect accompaniment to freshly shucked briny oysters and clams. You can also add a tablespoon to deglaze the pan with some butter and chopped herbs after frying a simple steak as a midweek meal.

Citrus Vinegar
This zesty citrus vinegar ('Aux Trois Agrumes') is made from white Pineau des Charentes vinegar macerated with the juice and zest from unwaxed lemons, oranges and limes, black peppercorns and Fleur de Sel. With rich and complex citrus flavours, its got myriad culinary uses - use to enliven sautéed vegetables and to make citrus vinaigrettes for salads featuring avocado, asparagus, celery and endive or try it in sweet and sour chicken and pork dishes. Perfect also for BBQ's and marinades, drizzled over grilled fish or shellfish, such as langoustines, prawns and crab. We love deglazing the pan after cooking veal escalopes with some capers and parsley for classic Italian trattoria-style recipes or adding to our Greek-style lemon roast potatoes with chicken. If you've got the winter blues, combine also with hot water and honey for a Vitamin C packed cold cure

Details Shallot vinegar (100ml ) + Sushi Ginger Vinegar (100ml) + Oyster Vinegar (90g) + Citrus Vinegar (100ml)

About Fleuriet
We discovered the wonderful Fleuriet vinegars on a sourcing trip in France. Philippe and Françoise Fleuriet live in a charming old house in Rouillac deep in the heart of the 'Fins Bois' area, one of the six crus (delineated growth areas) of the Cognac region. The couple left their jobs in northern France 25 years ago to move to this quiet area. Their vinegar-making adventure began a decade ago when they accidentally created a vinegar mother out of Pineau des Charentes, the local aperitif made with wine fortified with a little cognac. Their production is small, ageing four-year-old white or rosé AOC Pineau des Charentes in old cognac barrels, each given names like 'Camille' and 'Pierre', in their vinaigrerie (vinegar cellar) next to the house. The vinegar then undergoes a slow, natural acetification for a further four or five months before bottling, unfiltered and without preservatives, or turning into a superb range of fruit flavoured vinegars. In their kitchen, they also use it to make small-batch additive-free confits, chutneys, jams and soups with home-grown seasonal heritage vegetables and fruits from their garden. Listed as one of top 100 French artisan producers by the prestigious Collège Culinaire de France - one of the best culinary institutes in the country founded by chefs like Alain Ducasse, Paul Bocuse, Joel Robuchon and Guy Savoy who all use their vinegar in their restaurants.