Pedro Ximenez Organic Vinegar Gift Set


In a nutshell: A brilliant example of a Spanish Pedro Ximenez Vinegar, from Jerez using the traditional "criaderas y soleras' system of ageing to produce an intense sweet and fresh flavoured Balsamic-style vinegar.

Using sun-dried organic white Pedro Ximenez grapes grown in Montilla-Moriles in the Cordoba region that are sun-dried to intensify their natural flavour and sweetness, this Pedro Ximenez (PX) vinegar is then acetified in old Madeira barrels for up to six months. Afterwards, it is aged in Jerez in American oak barrels  for 3-4 years with the traditional method of “criaderas y soleras” used to make sherry where a flor (or yeast) forms on the top of the liquid of each barrel. This helps to prevent oxidisation and aids in the creation of an intense balsamic-style vinegar without added sugar. The vinegar is then bottled directly from the barrels. The resultant vinegar is a wonderful dark mahoghany colour, fruity with all the sweetness and aroma of Pedro Ximenez raisins. With an intense honeyed and nutty flavour with hints of caramel and prunes and a perfect balance of freshness and acidity. Use this vinegar as you would a Balsamic, drizzled over salads, raw vegetables, cold soups, game dishes and sprinkled over grilled meats.

Details 200ml; 5° acidity

About L'Oli Ferrer
L’Oli Ferrer is a family business founded in Barcelona by the Ferrer sisters (Yolanda and Pilar) with the purpose of offering a selection of high quality organic Spanish gourmet products, including the best extra virgin olive oils and vinegars from their region. Yolanda and Pilar are passionate about finding the best quality organic oil and vinegar and oversee all the processes involved in making their products, from the selection of the best raw materials to the design of their wonderful flask-like bottles, always improving and innovating, with the aim of creating products with character and their own unmistakable identity. All the L’Oli Ferrer products are made with 100% natural ingredients, certified by the Organisation of Organic Farming (CCPAE).