Fig Vinegar


In a nutshell: A distinctive Fig Vinegar that adds oomph to a warm goats cheese salad, roasted plums and veal dishes. 

Made with love and respect by hard-working nuns in the Languedoc. Figs from the monastery's ancient fig trees are picked by the nuns in October. They are then dried before macerating with red wine vinegar for up to four months before bottling. This distinctive vinegar is superb with a warm goats cheese salad, drizzle a little over plums before roasting or use to deglaze a pan after flash-frying veal escalopes. 

Details 250ml

About Solan Monastery
About thirty minutes drive from Uzès in the Gard region in the Languedoc is the isolated Monastery of Solan. Founded in 1991 by a French monk from the orthodox Greek monastery of Simonos Petras in Mount Athos, it is now home to a thriving community of nuns working the land. Over the past twenty-five years, they have transformed the unforgiving landscape into a model site of biodiversity. Restoring 60 hectares of land into various flourishing eco-systems, including an area classified as ‘Mediterranean Wetland’ that was awarded the distinction of the Natura 2000 conservation label in 2009. When they started, the nuns sought the advice of Pierre Rabhi, the pioneering French philosopher and agroecologist who helped them implement a sustainable approach to farming the land enabling the community to restore and nourish the soil. Today, with Pierre Rahbi and numerous local volunteer’s help, their land has become a veritable Garden of Eden. “ He told us that the land could not enrich us but that it would make us live” Mother Hypandia says “ We must always listen to the earth and restore and nourish the soil and agrobiology is always respectful of its integrity." Now, they make certified organic wines, countless jams and small quantities of delicious fruit and herb infused vinegars sold in the monastery shop and local farmer’s markets which we are very happy to bring to you. All of their vinegars bear the 'produits certifiés issus de l'agriculture biologique' which is an EU Organic certification.

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