£250 Hamper


In a nutshell: Delivered in a 20 inch wicker basket, this superb hamper is the ultimate pantry pleaser with 18 artisan products- everything from Cantabrian seafood, Ardeche terrines, Greek olives, capers and pickled cherries to award-winning Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, Balsamic and small-batch vinegars.

White Wine Vinegar
Great Taste 2018 1-star award winner
This great Alpine white wine vinegar, made by celebrated wine-makers  Pojer e Sandri,  is a superb everyday vinegar to use in your kitchen. Obtained from the  acidification of white wine made by a mix of aromatic grapes, such as Müller-Thurgau, Sauvignon, Riesling, Traminer, Kerner, Manzoni and Chardonnay. The blended white wine is placed in oak, cherry or acacia barrels to acetify for up to 2 years before bottling. 

Banyuls Vinegar 
Aged outdoors for one year underneath the Mediterranean sun, this Banyuls red wine vinegar has a vibrant red colour and delightful aroma of berry fruits. Drizzle it over our everyday salads, add it to slow-roasted vegetables in the oven, marinate our herrings and anchovies with it, splash over grilled meats and fish and sprinkle it over strawberries and other berry fruits.

Navarino Icons Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
Produced from the acclaimed Koroneiki variety olives and from centuries-old trees grown within the Costa Navarino estates in the Peloponnese region of Greece. The majority of olive trees are 200 – 1000 years old and sit at an altitude of 300 to 500m. The unique breeze from the Ionian sea in combination with the morphology of the soil plays a significant role in ensuring an exceptional crop.

Pickled Cherries
Great Taste 2017 1-star award winner
Every fridge should have a jar of these delicious cherries pickled with tarragon in Banyuls red wine vinegar; just add to cheese and charcuterie platters as an alternative to the ubiquitous cornichon.

Trea Kalamon Olives with Basil and Lemon
These olives hail from the Peloponnese region of Greece. Carefully gathered by hand, at the right time of ripening to protect their sensitive flesh, from trees grown in selected olive groves around the villages of the region. They are naturally ripened by the sun and tempered by the salty sea breeze. The olives are traditionally cured in brine with sea salt, herbs and lemon.

Trea Forest Honey 
Great Taste 2018 1-star award winner
This Forest Honey comes from the small village of Marathia near Karditsa. Golden Brown colour with a robust – woody taste and rich scent. Collected in the Autumn from a wide variety of forest trees that grow in abundance in Karditsa such as wild oaks, pine and chestnut trees.

Don Giovanni Balsamidea Condimento 'Gentile' (6 Years)
Superior-quality balsamic vinegar, made in the time-honoured way by the fourth generation of a family of small-scale producers. The finished article is a thick, viscous and glossy balsamic, with a rounded, velvety texture and a complex flavour, influenced by all the different woods it has been aged in.  

Sapori Eoliani Capers in Vinegar
These Nocellaro capers come from Salina, an Aeolian island just north of Sicily, famed for its caper production. Hand-picked and salted by the De Lorenzo family and packed in a mild vinegar that does not mask their true flavour. Recognised by the Slow Food Presidium.

Grand Cru de Batz Fleur de Sel
Great Taste 2018 1-star award winner
Rare, wind-dried sea salt, hand-harvested from the marshes of Brittany’s western coast, the way it has been for centuries.The fine top layer of salt, known as fleur de sel, is carefully removed by a paludier (or salt-marsh worker) using his lousse, a specially designed rake with a 3-metre blade. Grand Cru de Batz only harvests 3kg of fleur de sel a day, on just 30 days each summer, making it a rare and prized product.

Stéphane Reynaud Pork, Apple and Gingerbread Terrine
For an instant canapé, try French chef Stéphane Reynaud's delicious rustic pork, apple and gingerbread terrine with bread, melba toast and savoury biscuits. There's a lovely combination of pork, apples, pain d'épices (gingerbread) shallot and Calvados in this terrine. 

Teyssier Pâté de campagne Ardechois aux chataignes
This classic terrine with chestnuts is perfect for Christmas. Every weekend, faithful French foodies drive up the tortuous roads from Valence to queue at Teyssier, the best local charcuterie and butcher shop for miles around, renowned for their terrines, and pâté, saucissons and aged air-cured hams. 

Épices de Cru Herbes de Provence Pork & Veal
A great mix, with added rosemary and sage, to bring out the best flavour in all kinds of pork and veal dishes. The added rosemary and sage in this mix adds extra flavour punch to pork and veal dishes. Great with all veal and pork cuts especially with braised dishes, grills and roasts. The mix is also good added to tomato-based sauces to intensify their flavour. Combine with ground black pepper, red wine vinegar and a little olive oil to make a cracking marinade for pork chops or add to pork meatball mixes. Combine with sea salt and rub over a pork shoulder before roasting or add to a simple breadcrumb stuffing with lemon zest and garlic for butterflied pork shoulder or loin to make a simple porchetta-style roast.

Épices de Cru Mlamala Black Peppercorns
These fruity and lively top-quality Single Estate peppercorns have a lasting flavour, cultivated above 700 metres in full sun in India's famed Cardamom hills. A pepper with a lasting flavour from India's famed Cardamom Hills. Mlamala pepper comes from the same region as our Tribal Pepper, but is harvested on the other side of the Periyar River, in small single estate farms that were difficult to access until recently. The exceptional quality of this pepper is thanks to its careful cultivation in full sun at above 700 metres. Mlamala peppercorns are quite fruity and lively. They can be used in all types of dishes, during cooking or as a finishing spice.

Arroyabe 'Premium Edition' Anchovies in olive oil
Great Taste 2019 2-Star Award
These Cantabrian 'Premium Edition' Anchovies are simply the best we've tried. Caught in the Spring using artisanal fishing methods in the Bay of Biscay, they are then salted in barrels before preserving in olive oil. The resulting pink and plump fillets are packed with flavour and being used by top chefs around the UK.
 Renowned worldwide for their meatiness, smooth texture and intense flavour, they are quite simply the best.

Sushi Ginger Vinegar
Great Taste 2018 3-star award winner
This sprightly and perfumed ginger vinegar is made from white Pineau des Charentes vinegar combined with fresh and confit ginger, lime zest, fleur de sel and a little sugar. The result is an invigorating elixir that enlivens all sorts of dishes - ideal for seasoning sushi rice and pouring into small bowls, alongside the soy sauce, when serving sushi and sashimi. We also add to scallops, duck and fruit salads. Brilliant in pork, poultry and beef stir-fry's and also great for chicken and seafood marinades. Also good in cocktails or shrubs or combined with lemon and hot water as a warming winter drink.

London Red Wine Vinegar
This live unpasteurised vinegar is made with IGP Cotes Catalanes 2016 wine (without sulphites) from old Carignan grape vines grown at high altitude in southwest France. Using the classic Orleans method of slowly turning wine into vinegar in large oak barrels, our artisan vinegar is then aged for a minimum of 12 months before bottling in our special Vinegar Shed in West London. Use for intense salad dressings, add a few drops to a stew or splash into the pan to deglaze after frying steaks for a really intense jus. 

Arroyabe Yellowfin Tuna in Olive Oil
Finest-quality fillets of yellowfin tuna, individually line-caught in the Bay of Biscay, preserved by a Basque Country family firm. 
For centuries, Atun Claro– or yellowfin tuna – has been fished off the Basque coast of northern Spain. The meaty, gently flaking texture and buttery, savoury flavour of these albacore fillets are enhanced by their being packed in high-quality Spanish extra-virgin olive oil. It’s a high-quality product that’s taken time to prepare – and which takes time to savour.

Arroyabe Baby Sardines in Olive Oil
Between 10 to 14 baby sardines are hand-packed into each tin, caught in the cold waters of of the Bay of Biscay and preserved with a traditional recipe by a Basque Country family firm. Simply preserved with olive oil and a little sea salt. Delicious on toast with a squeeze of lemon!

Details: Arroyabe 'Premium Edition' Anchovies in olive oil (100g) + London Red Wine Vinegar (150ml) + Arroyabe Yellowfin Tuna in Olive Oil (450g) + Sushi Ginger Vinegar (100ml) + Arroyabe Baby Sardines  in Olive Oil (118g) + Pickled Cherries (355g) + Stephane Reynaud Pork, Apple & Gingerbread Terrine (200g) + Trea Greek Forest Honey (400g) + Mlamala Black Peppercorns (60g) + Kalamon Olives with Basil and lemon (300g) + Capers in Vinegar (200g) + Navarino Icons Extra-Virgin Olive Oil (500ml) + Herbes de Provence Pork & Veal (20g) + White Wine Vinegar (250ml) + Banyuls Vinegar (250ml) + Pâté de campagne Ardechois aux chataignes (310g) + Fleur de Sel (100g) + Don Giovanni Balsamidea Condimento Gentile (100ml) 


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