French Hamper


In a nutshell: There's plenty of traditional French flavour in this hamper with artisan vinegars, salt, terrines and herbes de Provence.

Banyuls Vinegar 
Aged outdoors for one year underneath the Mediterranean sun, this Banyuls red wine vinegar has a vibrant red colour and delightful aroma of berry fruits. Drizzle it over our everyday salads, add it to slow-roasted vegetables in the oven, marinate our herrings and anchovies with it, splash over grilled meats and fish and sprinkle it over strawberries and other berry fruits.

Pickled Cherries
Great Taste 2017 1-star award winner
Every fridge should have a jar of these delicious cherries pickled with tarragon in Banyuls red wine vinegar; just add to cheese and charcuterie platters as an alternative to the ubiquitous cornichon.

Grand Cru de Batz Fleur de Sel
Great Taste 2018 1-star award winner
Rare, wind-dried sea salt, hand-harvested from the marshes of Brittany’s western coast, the way it has been for centuries.The fine top layer of salt, known as fleur de sel, is carefully removed by a paludier (or salt-marsh worker) using his lousse, a specially designed rake with a 3-metre blade. Grand Cru de Batz only harvests 3kg of fleur de sel a day, on just 30 days each summer, making it a rare and prized product.

Solan Monastery Savory Vinegar
Great Taste 2017 1 star award winner
Made with love and respect by hard-working nuns in the Languedoc. The rambling herb summer savory grows extremely well in the monastic gardens and makes a wonderfully earthy and elemental vinegar. The savory is hand-picked in July then macerated in red wine vinegar several times for up to four days before bottling. We use it on a warm waxy potato salad, add it to sturdy green salad leaves, grilled and barbecued meat dishes. 

Blackcurrant Vinegar
Great Taste 2019 2 star award winner 
Homemade Crème de Cassis and blackcurrants are combined with rosé Pineau des Charentes vinegar for a very fine and fruity vinegar to use in vinaigrettes and with chicken liver salads.

Stéphane Reynaud Pork, Apple and Gingerbread Terrine
For an instant canapé, try French chef Stéphane Reynaud's delicious rustic pork, apple and gingerbread terrine with bread, melba toast and savoury biscuits. There's a lovely combination of pork, apples, pain d'épices (gingerbread) shallot and Calvados in this terrine. 

Teyssier Pâté de campagne à l'ancienne
Every weekend, faithful French foodies drive up the tortuous roads from Valence to queue at Teyssier, the best local charcuterie and butcher shop for miles around, renowned for their terrines, and pâté, saucissons and aged air-cured hams. 

Épices de Cru Herbes de Provence Pork & Veal
A great mix, with added rosemary and sage, to bring out the best flavour in all kinds of pork and veal dishes. The added rosemary and sage in this mix adds extra flavour punch to pork and veal dishes. Great with all veal and pork cuts especially with braised dishes, grills and roasts. The mix is also good added to tomato-based sauces to intensify their flavour. Combine with ground black pepper, red wine vinegar and a little olive oil to make a cracking marinade for pork chops or add to pork meatball mixes. Combine with sea salt and rub over a pork shoulder before roasting or add to a simple breadcrumb stuffing with lemon zest and garlic for butterflied pork shoulder or loin to make a simple porchetta-style roast.

Details: Banyuls Vinegar (500ml) + Savory Vinegar (250ml) + Blackcurrant Vinegar (100ml) + Herbes de Provence (20g) + Pâté de campagne à l'ancienne (180g) + Pork, Apple and Gingerbread Terrine (200g) + Fleur de Sel (100g) + Pickled Cherries (355g)


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