Greek Fennel Seeds


In a nutshell: Our sweet, citrusy fennel seeds come from a small organic farm on the island of Evvia. Add them to marinated fish, roasted pork, pickles, breads and sweets.

According to the myth, it was with a stalk of a fennel plant that Prometheus stole fire from gods and gave it to humans. Our subtle, sweet and warm liquorice-flavoured fennel seeds come from a small farm on the island of Evvia which specializes in the production of fennel. Fennel seeds will add new life to many of your recipes, they particularly complement marinated fish, roasted pork, pickles, breads and sweets. Like any other herb or spice, fennel seeds will maintain their organoleptic and nutritious benefits for longer if grounded just before use. To get the best out of them, use a mortar and pestle to grind them straight into the pot. Quite simply, these are amongst the very best European fennel seeds we’ve had the pleasure of tasting. 

Details 60g

About Daphnis and Chloe
Daphnis and Chloe was established in a small Athens workshop underneath the Acropolis in 2013. Inspired by the long tradition of using sun-dried herbs in Greek mountain and island villages where locals hand-pick herbs to dry on their roof-tops or hang in bunches from their balconies, Evangelia Koutsovoulou began her search for the finest herbs and spices that Greece could offer. Thanks to an immense diversity of microclimates, Greece is home to some of the best herbs in the Mediterranean. The result is a carefully curated collection of wonderful herbs that will add fragrance and depth to all types of dishes – sprinkled over feta cheese, grilled seafood and meat dishes or added to sauces, soups, salads and stews. From beautiful wild thyme flower buds that are picked just before they burst open in the springtime all over the Aegean islands, rare smoked chilli flakes from Northern Greece, fragrant and sweet marjoram from Captain Corelli’s island (Cephalonia), aromatic oregano from Amorgos and an intense, fruity sage that goes brilliantly with all pork dishes and makes a restorative tea when you’ve got a cold.

All the herbs and spices are either picked wild or from small organic family-run farms. Handpicked and processed with non-invasive artisanal methods, in order to maintain their unique taste and fragrance all the way to your kitchen. Harvested at the peak of their potency the leaves and flowers are left whole on purpose: Crush them with your fingers to release their highly aromatic volatile oils right when needed.