Greek Hamper


In a nutshell: Nine lovely products from our award-winning Greek producers to bring some Aegean sunshine into your kitchen.

Trea Kalamon Olives with basil and lemon
Trea Kalamon Olives with sea salt
Trea Plum olives in brine
These olives hail from the Peloponnese region of Greece. Carefully gathered by hand, at the right time of ripening to protect their sensitive flesh, from trees grown in selected olive groves around the villages of the region. They are naturally ripened by the sun and tempered by the salty sea breeze. The olives are traditionally cured in brine with sea salt, herbs and lemon.

Trea Forest Honey 
Great Taste 2018 1-star award winner
This Forest Honey comes from the small village of Marathia near Karditsa. Golden Brown colour with a robust – woody taste and rich scent. Collected in the Autumn from a wide variety of forest trees that grow in abundance in Karditsa such as wild oaks, pine and chestnut trees.

Pellas Organic Rosemary Olive Oil
Great Taste 2019 3-star award winner
Innovative organic Greek flavoured olive oil made naturally without additives, essential oils or preservatives. This rosemary version is perfect with all lamb dishes.

Navarino Icons extra-virgin olive oil
Produced from the acclaimed Koroneiki variety olives and from centuries-old trees grown within the Costa Navarino estates in the 
Peloponnese region of Greece. The majority of olive trees are 200 – 1000 years old and sit at an altitude of 300 to 500m. The unique breeze from the Ionian sea in combination with the morphology of the soil plays a significant role in ensuring an exceptional crop.

Navarino Icons White Balsamic
Great Taste 2019 1-star award winner
Made directly from sun-dried Corinthian raisins, known for their intense aroma, and rectified grape must, responsible for its fine sweetness, this condiment has a light golden colour and it combines the rich flavour of the balsamic recipe with the subtle and fruity taste of white vinegar. Ideal drizzled on fresh salads and added to sauces or used as the main component in marinades.

Daphnis and Chloe Fennel Seeds
Our sweet, citrusy fennel seeds come from a small organic farm on the island of Evvia. Add them to marinated fish, roasted pork, pickles, breads and sweets.

Daphnis and Chloe Taygetus Oregano
Rich in essential oils, this aromatic and peppery ground Mount Taygetus oregano is brilliant sprinkled liberally over salads, grilled meats and vegetables. 

Details: Trea Kalamon Olives with basil and lemon + Trea Kalamon Olives with sea salt + Trea Plum olives in brine (all 300g) + Trea Forest Honey (400g) +  Daphnis and Chloe Fennel Seeds (60g) + Daphnis and Chloe Taygetus Oregano (18g) + Pellas Organic Drops Rosemary Olive Oil (250ml) + Navarino Icons Extra-Virgin Olive Oil (500ml) + Navarino Icons White Balsamic (250ml)


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