Kitchen Bowl


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In a nutshell: This beautiful hazelnut-coloured enamelled earthenware bowl will make a colourful and stylish statement in your kitchen - perfect for storing food, making sauces, vinaigrettes or for whisking eggs for omelettes.

This classic French designed bowl has a lovely hazelnut-coloured rim and is perfect for using in the kitchen to whisk eggs, make sauce or vinaigrettes.

Details 1.6 litre capacity

About Digoin
We have sourced our impressive stoneware products from one of France's oldest surviving ceramic manufacturers in Burgundy. Founded in 1875, they still make the mustard pots for Maille and other familiar kitchen items, such as yoghurt pots, water jugs and terrine bowls. Using clay sourced in the Loire valley, Auvergne and Burgundy, the products are handmade by artisans. Fired at a very high temperature (1250°C) then fixed with some unique glazes which makes them non-porous and perfect for storing liquids and for cooking.