Salt & Pepper Hamper


In a nutshell: Six of the best salts and peppers guaranteed to add some exciting flavour to all sorts of dishes.

Grand Cru de Batz Fleur de Sel & Gros Sel Gris
Great Taste 2018 1 star award winners 
Rare, wind-dried sea salt, hand-harvested from the marshes of Brittany’s western coast, the way it has been for centuries.

Salt has been harvested in the windswept tidal marshes of Guérande for more than a millennium. Grand Cru de Batz are the upholders of this proud Breton tradition – producing a unique range of small-batch, hand-harvested salts in much the same way as would have been done 1,000 years ago.

The salt is naturally created from the sea water that becomes trapped in the patchwork of interconnected salt pans that dot the marshes. The warm summer winds cause the water to evaporate, leaving its salt crystals behind.

The fine top layer of salt, known as fleur de sel, is carefully removed by a paludier (or salt-marsh worker) using his lousse, a specially designed rake with a 3-metre blade. Grand Cru de Batz only harvests 3kg of fleur de sel a day, on just 30 days each summer, making it a rare and prized product.

It’s then naturally dried to preserve its high mineral content, before being hand-sorted to remove impurities. Finally, it’s sealed in an airtight tin to safeguard its delicate, violet-nuanced flavour, before finding its way to the best restaurant kitchens in France and the UK– and, now, to you.

Grand Cru de Batz Fleur de Sel Fumée
This delicously smoky fleur de sel is cold-smoked over beechwood for several hours and sealed in an airtight tin to safeguard its unique flavour. Once opened, its intoxicating smell will have you sprinkling it all over all sorts of food.- great with grilled meats and BBQ'd prawns.

Épices de Cru Madagascar Black Pepper 
Classic top-notch Madagascan black peppercorns perfect as a table pepper for your grinder that will give bite to your everyday dishes.These Madagascan peppercorns are the highest grade available and come from an early harvest of exceptional quality and flavour. A very dark black pepper with bite and perfect as an everyday table pepper. 

Épices de Cru Mlamala Peppercorns
A pepper with a lasting flavour from India's famed Cardamom Hills. Mlamala pepper comes from the same region as our Tribal Pepper, but is harvested on the other side of the Periyar River, in small single estate farms that were difficult to access until recently. The exceptional quality of this pepper is thanks to its careful cultivation in full sun at above 700 metres. Mlamala peppercorns are quite fruity and lively. They can be used in all types of dishes, during cooking or as a finishing spice.

Épices de Cru Pink Peppercorns
Great Taste 2019 2-star award winner
Pink peppercorns are grown in South America (mainly Brazil and Peru), Madagascar  and other Indian Ocean islands like Mauritius and Réunion. Confusingly, they are not a true peppercorn and come from a different Botanical species, Schinus molle, sometimes called the Peruvian pepper tree. Our Pink peppercorns come from Madagascar and have a mild, sweet flavour with none of the usual traces of bitterness sometimes found in inferior quality pink peppercorns. This makes them infinitely more digestible with a  lovely resinous, citrus crunch to them. Highly decorative and colourful, they should not be used in pepper mills as their oiliness clogs grinding mechanisms; simply crush them in a spice grinder or chop with a sharp knife. Use them whole or crushed as a finishing pepper, and to add colour, to salads, vegetable dishes and grilled or baked goats cheese. They are lovely with roast chicken, game and pork, grilled prawns and added to home-made chutneys and pickles. They are also a very good cocktail component and you can enliven a glass of fizz by dropping a few into the bottom of the glass before pouring. If you can get some sashimi-grade tuna, salmon or some really fresh sea bass fillets, make a carpaccio and sprinkle over a dressing made with pink peppercorns, olive oil and lemon juice.

Details Pink Peppercorns 30g + Mlamala Peppercorns 60g + Madagascar Black pepper 50g + Smoked Salt 100g + Fleur de Sel 100g + Gros Sel Gris 100g