Country-style Ardeche Pork Pâté


In a nutshell: Country-style rough-cut Pâté with pork and pork liver, perfect for picnics or any other occasion.

This classic Pâté de campagne Ardechois a l'ancienne is made with pork, pork liver, rum and spices. Perfect for an easy lunch or as a starter at any festive occasion. Just add a sliced baguette and pass around amongst friends and family. 

Details 310g; 2 year shelf life

About Teyssier
Every weekend, faithful French foodies drive up the tortuous roads from Valence to 
Saint Agreve, a remote village high up in the Ardeche famed for its curative air and traditional food products.They queue patiently at Teyssier, the best local charcuterie and butcher shop for miles around, renowned for their caillettes, saucissons and aged air-cured hams made using local ingredients without any preservatives.. These authentic, and delicious, pâtés and terrines also reflect the locals love of good country-style cooking.Teyssier is a family-owned business producing charcuterie since 1871, and has been awarded 13 medals over the last 6 years at the prestigious annual Concours Général Agricole (Paris French Agriculture Fair) Contest.

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