Greek Forest Honey


In a nutshell: This Forest Honey comes from the small village of Marathia near Karditsa in Greece. Golden Brown colour with a robust – woody taste and rich scent. 

Great Taste 2018 1-star award winner

Collected in the Autumn from a wide variety of forest trees that grow in abundance in Karditsa such as wild oaks, pine and chestnut trees.
It is the rich biodiversity along with the breadth of the area that creates this strong flavoured honey. Once foraged by the bees and harvested, the honey is being constantly evaluated as to its composition and quality. After being extracted from the combs, the honey is stored in large tanks before being bottled. Finally, it is cold packed by hand without the addition of artificial additives or flavourings.

How to use:

  •  Ideal  for BBQ sauce or in glazes for roasting meat, poultry and grilling fish
  • Try it with all soft cheeses.

Details 400g

About Trea
The Trea brand has been created by the award-winning Navarino Icons with the simple aim to introduce the best that Greece has to offer - sourcing high-quality natural ingredients made using traditional methods without the addition of preservatives. Utilising respected and certified local producers from all over Greece to bring three ('Trea' in Greek) of the best honeys, olives and extra virgin olive oils into the marketplace. At the heart of the company’s philosophy lies its strong commitment to environmental responsibility along with a genuine respect for local traditions and communities.



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