Manaki Extra-Virgin Olive Oil


In a nutshell: A mild Greek olive oil with flowery notes and hints of sweetness that is perfect for everyday use in the kitchen. 

This extra-virgin olive oil combines hand-picked Manaki olives from Epidaurus village in the Argolida region with some Koroneiki olives from Chora village in Messinia. The olives are transported in plastic crates to preserve their quality and are then taken to a nearby mill within hours of picking, in order to maintain all their beneficial characteristics. The olives are immediately cold-pressed within 20 minutes in order to preserve their flavour and distinct aroma. 

How to use:

  • Add to Greek-style stifados and stews.
  • Use in pasta sauces and soups.
  • Perfect for pestos and salad dressings.

Details: 500ml

About Trea
The Trea brand has been created by the award-winning Navarino Icons with the simple aim to introduce the best that Greece has to offer - sourcing high-quality natural ingredients made using traditional methods without the addition of preservatives. Utilising respected and certified local producers from all over Greece to bring three ('Trea' in Greek) of the best honeys, olives and extra virgin olive oils into the marketplace. At the heart of the company’s philosophy lies its strong commitment to environmental responsibility along with a genuine respect for local traditions and communities.