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Two Bottle Vinegar Hamper


In a nutshell: Two great white wine vinegars to add to any store cupboard collection - a fragrant, sweet vinegar made with Petits Grains Muscat 2014 and a stunning Italian Alpine white wine vinegar from celebrated wine makers Pojer e Sandri.

1 x La Guinelle Muscat Surmuris 

A sensuous vinegar made from Muscat Petit Grains 2014 from overripe grapes from wild root stock that are naturally sweet and fruity. A beautiful burnt orange colour, it combines an explosive and herbaceous freshness with an incredibly complex apricot and honey flavour! Perfect for making a Poulet au vinaigre, seafood stews or adding to poached fruits. 

1 x Pojer e Sandri Aceto Bianco (White wine vinegar)

Made high up in the Italian Alps by celebrated wine makers, Pojer e Sandri, this is a superb white wine vinegar, using a combination of Müller Thurgau, Sauvignon, Riesling, Traminer, Kerner, Manzoni and Chardonnay grapes, for all occasions. 


  • La Guinelle Muscat Surmuris  500ml; 6° acidity
  • Pojer e Sandri Aceto Bianco 250ml; 6° acidity


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