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In a nutshell: This rare Spanish vinegar is made from the famed Basque wine, Txacoli, with a gorgeous honeyed apple flavour, is ideal for all seafood dishes.

Working with top-quality Txakoli wine from Euskadi, this intriguing vinegar is made primarily from Hondarribi Zuri white grapes, with the addition of some rarer Hondarribi Beltza black grapes. The wines are placed in wooden barrels then Mycoderma aceti bacteria are added. Local Orduña honey is also added to help the acetic transformation over six months before further ageing in barrel. The result is a delicious vinegar with fresh apple and pear flavours and subtle honey overtones. 

How to use

  • In the Basque country, they sprinkle it over grilled fish and seafood salads. 
  • Add some to salsas and mayonnaise.
  • Drizzle this vinegar, with some Arbequina Extra-Virgin olive oil, over anchovies on grilled bread.
  • Use on grilled sardines and seafood salads.
  • Also good with grilled meats and poultry.

 Details: 500ml bottle

About the producer
Emilio Luengas is a well-known txakolinero (Txacoli wine maker) in Orduña in the Bizkaia region of the Basque country. A few years ago, together with his friend Javier Martín, a local fishmonger, he decided to develop a vinegar from this traditional Basque wine. The first production of 600 bottles quickly sold out in Javier's shop, Pescaderia Yoli in Orduña. Now they make about 1200 litres every year of this very distinctive, and unique, Basque vinegar.




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