Vinegar 'Five Pack' Hamper


In a nutshell: Five superb vinegars to add to any store cupboard collection - Red Banyuls vinegar, Alpine pear and white wine vinegar, Savory vinegar and a lovely classic 6-year old Balsamic vinegar from Modena.

Banyuls Vinegar
Aged outdoors for one year underneath the Mediterranean sun, this Banyuls red wine vinegar has a vibrant red colour and delightful aroma of berry fruits. Made at the La Guinelle vinaigrerie above the hamlet of Cosprons, overlooking the bay of Paulille on the Mediterranean, this vinegar is made slowly and uses only Banyuls sweet wine, an AOC fortified apéritif or dessert wine made from 50% and up to 75% Grenache grapes from local vineyards. Aged outdoors underneath the Mediterranean sun, this Banyuls red wine vinegar has a vibrant red colour and delightful aroma of berry fruits. It has become a staple in our kitchen where we drizzle it over our everyday salads, add it to slow-roasted vegetables in the oven, marinate our herrings and anchovies with it, splash over grilled meats and fish and sprinkle it over strawberries and other berry fruits.  

Pojer e Sandri Pear Vinegar 
This wonderfully perfumed vinegar is made from Alpine pears and good with pork and chicken and in salad dressings and cocktails. A delicately perfumed vinegar obtained from the acetification of fermented Poire William pears, grown in Egna and Ora in the South Tirol. The juice is placed in oak, cherry or acacia barrels to acetify for up to 2 years before bottling. Use with pork and poultry dishes, salad dressings or when making cocktails. Great added to a bitter leaf, blue cheese and nut salad.

Solan Monastery Savory Vinegar
Great Taste 2017 1 star award winner
Made with love and respect by hard-working nuns in the Languedoc. The rambling herb summer savory grows extremely well in the monastic gardens and makes a wonderfully earthy and elemental vinegar. The savory is hand-picked in July then macerated in red wine vinegar several times for up to four days before bottling. We use it on a warm waxy potato salad, add it to sturdy green salad leaves, grilled and barbecued meat dishes. 

Pojer e Sandri White Wine Vinegar 
Pojer & Sandri started life in 1975 when a young Fiorentino Sandri inherited some vineyards in the alpine village of Faedo in the Italian Dolomites. Joined by his winemaker friend Mario Pojer, they formed a partnership which has been very fruitful. Their goal in this untested viticultural area between the Adige river and Cembra Valley was simple, but ambitious: to prove that with care and skill, that they could, contrary to popularly-held beliefs, demonstrate that this area was capable of producing world-class wines. Their first release was an exquisitely-scented 1975 vintage Palai Müller-Thurgau, followed by the indigenous Trentino “Nosiola” white wine along with a highly-acclaimed Chardonnay. The wines caused quite a stir in the Italian wine renaissance of the 1970s and the wine-making dynamic duo began to purchase more vineyards. Today, their wines continue to garner praise as do their vinegars made from their amazing wines.  

Don Giovanni Balsamidae Condimento 'Gentile' (6 Years)
Superior-quality balsamic vinegar, made in the time-honoured way by the fourth generation of a family of small-scale producers. The finished article is a thick, viscous and glossy balsamic, with a rounded, velvety texture and a complex flavour, influenced by all the different woods it has been aged in.  For many in the know, Don Giovanni balsamics are among the best in Modena being produced by this ultra-traditional producer. 

Details: Banyuls Vinegar 250ml + Pojer e Sandri Pear Vinegar 250ml + Pojer e Sandri White wine Vinegar 250ml + Don Giovanni Balsamidae Condimento 'Gentile' (6 Years) 100ml + Solan Monastery Savory Vinegar 250ml



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