Vinegar 'Seven Pack' Hamper


In a nutshell: Seven superb vinegars to add to any store cupboard collection -  Alpine Blackberry and quince vinegars, Sushi Ginger Vinegar, Muscat Surmuris and Zaza Rosé Wine Vinegar, Savory vinegar and a lovely classic 6-year old Balsamic vinegar from Modena.

Pojer e Sandri Blackberry Vinegar
This gorgeous, fruity vinegar is obtained from the acetification of fermented blackberries, grown in the Mocheni Valley in the Trentino area 700 metres above sea level. The juice is placed in oak, cherry or acacia barrels to acetify for up to 2 years before bottling. Perfect in vinaigrettes and sauces.

Pojer e Sandri Quince Vinegar
This delicious amber-coloured vinegar is obtained from the acetification of fermented quinces, grown in Portadon in the Faedo area 700 metres above sea level. The juice is placed in oak, cherry or acacia barrels to acetify for up to 2 years before bottling. Use with roast goose or duck liver or simply splash into the pan after cooking a pork chop or two. It will also enliven any apple pie, salad dressing and fruit cocktail.

Sushi Ginger Vinegar
Great Taste 2018 3-star award winner
This sprightly and perfumed ginger vinegar is made from white Pineau des Charentes vinegar combined with fresh and confit ginger, lime zest, fleur de sel and a little sugar. The result is an invigorating elixir that enlivens all sorts of dishes - ideal for seasoning sushi rice and pouring into small bowls, alongside the soy sauce, when serving sushi and sashimi. We also add to scallops, duck and fruit salads. Brilliant in pork, poultry and beef stir-fry's and also great for chicken and seafood marinades. Also good in cocktails or shrubs or combined with lemon and hot water as a warming winter drink.

Muscat Surmuris
Great Taste 2019 1 star award winner
This amazing vinegar is made from Muscat Petit Grains 2014 from overripe grapes from wild root stock that are naturally sweet and fruity. A beautiful burnt orange colour, it combines an explosive and herbaceous freshness with an incredibly complex apricot and honey flavour! Perfect for making a Poulet au vinaigre, seafood stews or adding to poached fruits.

Zaza Rosé Wine Vinegar
This fragrant, floral vinegar is made from Rosé de Zaza from Le Casot des Mailloles, one of the smallest vineyards in Banyuls, with organic Syrah grapes hand-picked from 25 year-old vines. No sulfites are used in this dynamic, organic wine made by Jordi Perez and only few thousand bottles are produced annually. Nathalie Lefort managed to grab some to make this superb vinegar, perfect for salad dressings, drizzling over grilled prawns and fruit salads. It's also good for pickling summer berry fruits or adding to coulis-fruit sauces.

Solan Monastery Savory Vinegar
Great Taste 2017 1 star award winner
Made with love and respect by hard-working nuns in the Languedoc. The rambling herb summer savory grows extremely well in the monastic gardens and makes a wonderfully earthy and elemental vinegar. The savory is hand-picked in July then macerated in red wine vinegar several times for up to four days before bottling. We use it on a warm waxy potato salad, add it to sturdy green salad leaves, grilled and barbecued meat dishes. 

Don Giovanni Balsamidae Condimento 'Gentile' (6 Years)
Superior-quality balsamic vinegar, made in the time-honoured way by the fourth generation of a family of small-scale producers. The finished article is a thick, viscous and glossy balsamic, with a rounded, velvety texture and a complex flavour, influenced by all the different woods it has been aged in.  For many in the know, Don Giovanni balsamics are among the best in Modena being produced by this ultra-traditional producer. 

Details: Muscat Surmuris Vinegar 500ml + Pojer e Sandri Quince Vinegar 250ml + Pojer e Sandri Blackberry Vinegar 250ml + Zaza Rosé Wine Vinegar 500ml + Don Giovanni Balsamidae Condimento 'Gentile' (6 Years) 100ml + Solan Monastery Savory Vinegar 250ml + Sushi Ginger Vinegar 100ml