Vinegar 'Three Pack' Hamper


In a nutshell: Three lovely vinegars to add to any store cupboard collection - an Alpine white wine vinegar, Blackcurrant vinegar and a Greek White Balsamic.

Blackcurrant Vinegar
Great Taste 2019 2-star award winner
Vinaigre de Pineau à la Crème de Cassis is made from rosé wine vinegar and blackcurrants. AOC Pineau des Charentes, the famous and delicious local aperitif wine of the Cognac region, is aged for four years before acetification in old oak cognac barrels for a further four to five months. Then bottled unfiltered, it has a bright rosé colour, fruity flavour and aroma. It is then combined with blackcurrants that have been gently boiled down to a concentrated must. The delicate acidity of this sweet and fruity vinegar is perfect for sensual vinaigrettes and marinades. Deglaze pans after cooking red meats, game, chicken and guinea fowl. It's brilliant with calves liver and pan-fried apples or pears!  We like to add to flash-fried chicken livers in the pan and drizzle over smoked duck breast carpaccio. 

Navarino Icons White Balsamic
Great Taste 2019 1-star award winner

Made directly from sun-dried Corinthian raisins, known for their intense aroma, and rectified grape must, responsible for its fine sweetness, this condiment has a light golden colour and it combines the rich flavour of the balsamic recipe with the subtle and fruity taste of white vinegar. Ideal drizzled on fresh salads and added to sauces or used as the main component in marinades.

Pojer e Sandri White Wine Vinegar 
Pojer & Sandri started life in 1975 when a young Fiorentino Sandri inherited some vineyards in the alpine village of Faedo in the Italian Dolomites. Joined by his winemaker friend Mario Pojer, they formed a partnership which has been very fruitful. Their goal in this untested viticultural area between the Adige river and Cembra Valley was simple, but ambitious: to prove that with care and skill, that they could, contrary to popularly-held beliefs, demonstrate that this area was capable of producing world-class wines. Their first release was an exquisitely-scented 1975 vintage Palai Müller-Thurgau, followed by the indigenous Trentino “Nosiola” white wine along with a highly-acclaimed Chardonnay. The wines caused quite a stir in the Italian wine renaissance of the 1970s and the wine-making dynamic duo began to purchase more vineyards. Today, their wines continue to garner praise as do their vinegars made from their amazing wines.  

Details: Blackcurrant Vinegar 100ml + Pojer e Sandri Pear Vinegar 375ml + Navarino Icons White Balsamic 250ml