Wild Fennel & Tomato Sauce


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In a nutshell: Add sardines , anchovies or tuna if you want to this authentic wild fennel and tomato sauce for pasta and you've got an instant taste of Sicily.

This sauce has the authentic taste of Salina and the Aeolian islands. Made with the wild fennel that grows everywhere and is an intrinsic part of that classic Sicilian dish, Pasta con Le Sarde, which combines sardines, wild fennel, tomatoes, raisins and pine nuts with such success. This sauce adds onion, carrot, tomato and Extra Virgin olive oil and can be used as a beautiful pasta sauce. Add sardines or tuna if you want and you've got an instant taste of Sicily.

Details: 300g jar

About Sapori Eoliani
The de Lorenzo family live and breath caper production in Pollara, the beautiful cliff-top village that featured in the wonderful Il Postino movie. The company is now headed by Maurizia De Lorenzo after the premature death of her son Roberto Rossello, a young entrepreneur of Salina and grandson of Giuseppe De Lorenzo. Alongside the traditional methods of manual processing, Maurizia constantly invests in research and innovation, to improve all her caper production and delicious sauces and dips.