Vinegar 'Six Pack' Hamper


In a nutshell: This 'Six Pack' vinegar hamper showcases six of our favourite vinegars and is the perfect introduction to our vibrant world of small-batch artisan vinegars.

Our Vinegar 'Six Pack' hamper set includes Muscat vinegar, Banyuls vinegar, Normandy cider vinegar with 'Mother', Rosé Pineau des Charentes vinegar, Solan Monastery Organic Savory vinegar and Taliouine Saffron vinegar. All have myriad uses in the kitchen and will excite acetic aesthetes everywhere.

Banyuls Vinegar
Made at the La Guinelle vinaigrerie above the hamlet of Cosprons, overlooking the bay of Paulille on the Mediterranean, this vinegar is made slowly and uses only Banyuls sweet wine, an AOC fortified apéritif or dessert wine made from 50% and up to 75% Grenache grapes from local vineyards. Aged outdoors underneath the Mediterranean sun, this Banyuls red wine vinegar has a vibrant red colour and delightful aroma of berry fruits. It has become a staple in our kitchen where we drizzle it over our everyday salads, add it to slow-roasted vegetables in the oven, marinate our herrings and anchovies with it, splash over grilled meats and fish and sprinkle it over strawberries and other berry fruits.  

Muscat Vinegar
This limited edition Muscat vinegar has a crisp minerality and delicious honeyed apricot flavour. Made with a Clos des Vins D'Amour Muscat Petit Grains from the Dornier family. They have been making wines in Maury in the Pyrénées, overlooking the imposing ruins of the Cathar castle of Queribus since 1860. This intense vinegar has a crisp minerality and delicious honeyed apricot flavour. Use it to add some lovely sweet flavour to crab or shellfish salads and vinaigrettes for seasonal salads. 
Great Taste 2018 2-star winner

Taliouine Saffron Vinegar
The superb Taliouine vinegar (named after a Moroccan Berber village) has a deep orangey-red colour. As soon as you open the bottle you can smell the depth of saffron flavour it contains. Red Banyuls vinegar is aged for 8 months in demijohns outdoors then decanted into bottles with saffron stamens. It’s bright aromas of red berries and saffron are quite simply intoxicating. These make a perfect marriage with gazpacho, strawberries and fish dishes like bouillabaisse. Try it also drizzled on a fried egg or tomatoes for an amazing breakfast taste sensation. 

Rosé Pineau des Charentes Vinegar
This gorgeous vinegar made from AOC Pineau des Charentes, the famous and delicious local aperitif wine of the Cognac region, is aged for four years before acetification in old oak cognac barrels for a further four to five months. Then bottled unfiltered, it has a bright rosé colour, fruity flavour and aroma. Use it for bright and breezy salad dressings, marinades, pickles, fruit and veg chutneys and sweet and sour sauces. It's particularly good when sautéing veal or chicken, marinading quail or cooking with guinea fowl, pigeon, and pheasant. Try it in fruit compotes, coulis and caramels. Keep to hand when deglazing the pan after frying a quick steak and drizzle over raspberries and strawberries for a great taste sensation. 
Great Taste 2018 1-star award winner.

Solan Monastery Organic Savory Vinegar
This fragrant and bold savory Vinegar is ideal for tomato salads and sauces, pesto's, chicken and vegetable dishes. Made with love and respect by hard-working nuns in the Languedoc. The nuns pick their savory leaves in July then maceration begins. The scented leaves are macerated in red wine vinegar several times for up to four days before bottling. The result is an elegant, scented vinegar that can be used for salad dressings, pesto's and aioli. Sprinkle over a tian of courgettes, summery ratatouille or add to a chicken Caesar salad. 

Cider Vinegar with 'Mother'
This stunning Normandy cider vinegar is one of the best we've ever tasted. The Dupont family are famed for their calvados but also put as much love and passion into making their ciders and vinegar. Only 4000 bottles are made annually, siphoning off some of their notable cider to create this delicious, fruity amber blend. Like the best cider vinegars, it is left unfiltered, so elements of the vinegar mother remain inside the bottle and it can be either cloudy or clear. Its mild acidity makes it perfect for pickling vegetables and eggs (see our pickled quail egg recipe) or use when making meringues. See also our recipe blog for mushrooms a la Grecque or try with Normandy-style sole with shallots, crème fraiche and cider vinegar.  
Great Taste 2017 1-star award winner.

Details Banyuls red wine vinegar (500ml) +  Muscat white wine vinegar (250ml)  + Taliouine saffron vinegar (250ml) + Rosé Pineau de Charentes vinegar (250ml) + Solan Monastery Organic Savory vinegar (250ml) + Famille Dupont Cider vinegar with 'Mother' (500ml)