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Vinegar Shed is a fine-food business devoted to bringing some of the world's most remarkable and exclusive foodstuffs to a wider audience. We're already finding favour with the UK’s top chefs, who are using these outstanding ingredients on their menus, top delis and home cooks – and we hope you’ll be excited as they are when using our products.

We travel regularly throughout Europe and further afield to find passionate artisans making some very special small-batch products – all guaranteed to add amazing flavour and excitement to your everyday cooking experience.

Andy Harris, CVO (Chief Vinegar Officer)

Twenty years ago, Andy bought his first vinegar crock in a French flea market. He’s been obsessed with making the stuff ever since.

As a food-and-travel writer, magazine editor and excellent cook, Andy has tasted many of the world’s best vinegars. He’s visited the top balsamic producers in Modena, Spain’s finest sherry-vinegar makers, and artisan wine-vinegar producers throughout France, Greece and Italy.

But it wasn’t until he started making his own, in crocks in his garden shed, that he realised the full joy of homemade vinegar. Vinegar Shed was born out of this passion. Now, at his West London HQ, Andy makes a range of artisan varieties in huge French, Italian and Spanish oak, cherry and chestnut barrels.

“It really does become an addictive part of your cooking,” says Andy. “We hope you’ll discover the joys of using, or even making, different vinegars as much as we have."

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Vinegar Shed always fills me up with inspiration and ideas to bounce off all my other main ingredients to come up with something wonderful.

Investing in an array of ultimate vinegars, oils, spices and herbs, tinned anchovies and tuna are game changers that bring the superpowers of flavour and fun to your kitchen. The kind of sourcing Andy does takes it to another level. He also makes his own small batch vinegars using unusual, seasonal ingredients that are really exciting.

At home, one of the best gifts I’ve had is a monthly Vinegar Shed Club subscription which gives me cooking inspiration every time it arrives. Happy days.  

Jamie Oliver x