Poilâne Breads & Biscuits

Long before the urban bread revolution and the rise of the high street bread chains came along, there was Poilâne. Created in 1932 by Pierre Poilâne, this celebrated Parisian bakery has stood the test of time by preserving the purity of its ingredients and making the highest quality sourdough breads and other baked goods in its wood-fired ovens. Three Poilâne generations - Pierre, Lionel, and Apollonia - have followed in each other’s footsteps, each driven by the same purpose and mantra.

My weekly ritual is to buy a large Miche (sourdough loaf) only available from their Elizabeth Street bakery in London - it lasts all week and if there is any left over makes the perfect croutons or breadcrumbs too!

For anyone not caught up in the current bread-baking craze, we are now offering their freshly-baked breads and biscuits shipped direct to your home so you can taste their seminal, and deeply satisfying, loaves for yourselves. Just add terrines, anchovies and some of our other goodies for the perfect feast.




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