Sucres (Grape Syrup)


In a nutshell: This fantastic grape syrup is a a brilliant alternative to most industrial white sugar, and agave, syrups and can be used in cocktails, coffees and for all pastry work. 

Sucres is a pure and simple grape syrup with a neutral taste. Made from ugni blanc grapes, its vegetal sugar level of 65 Brix (the sugar content of an aqueous solution) makes it a healthy, low-glycaemic alternative to most industrial white sugar (and other agave sugar) syrups on the market. Made by slow cooking and dehydrating the grape juice to gently keep all the original aromas of the fruit. It follows the timeless methods of its  ancestral predecessor, defrutum, made by the Romans and adopted in the Arab world as arrùbb before reaching Spain where it became known as arrope. This syrup is ideal for use in cocktails, coffee concoctions and for making caramels and adding to myriad pastry recipes. In France, pastry chefs have already fallen in love with its diverse uses as have famous barmen, such as the highly respected Rémy Savage, when creating  cocktails. It's also perfect for baristas looking for healthier syrups for their coffee concoctions.

" Sucres was created with the desire in mind to highlight the beauty of our ugni blanc grapes and to showcase their versatility and remain 'local', and as environmentally friendly as possible." says Frederic Bourgoin " It was created to offer something new, interesting and useful for chefs and bartenders to play with."

Details 750ml.

About Bourgoin 
The Bourgoin family estate is based in Saint-Saturnin, a classic medieval village in the Charente department in southwestern France, not far from the town of Cognac. The family has supplied cognac as a negociant to some of the the most famous cognac brands since the 1930's. Now the younger, innovative family members, Frederic Bourgoin, and his sister Maëlys, create biodynamic cognacs, expressive of the local terroir, that are being used in restaurants and bars around the world. 

Soils are treated with mystical and fascinating arrays of ingredients, Their vines are sown, pruned and harvested according to the phases of the moon, and  organic, sustainable agricultural practices are carried out in all stages of production. Even the water used in their Cognac production is collected from the rain which falls on their estate, and they use ‘nothing but gravity’ in their bottling practices.

Their vineyards are planted with Ugni blanc grapes. The low density of planting, at about 2750 plants per hectare, allows each vine to give 6kg of very acidic grapes, some of which is used to make this outstanding verjus.

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