Taggiasca Olive Tapenade


In a nutshell: This intense tapenade is made with small Taggiasca olives, grown in some of the highest groves in Liguria, hand-picked then simply cured in brine and crushed into a paste for an amazing nutty and meaty flavour. Available in small or extra-large jar to keep you going.

This tapenade is made with the small Taggiasca or Taggiasche olives grown all along the Italian Riviera and into Frances' Alpes-Maritimes region where they are known as Niçoise olives. Small and perfectly formed, with a light-green to brown colour, they have an intense nutty and meaty flavour. They offer the unmistakable taste of the special mountain terroir of this organic farm high up in the hills.

Cultivated on some of the highest terraced olive groves in Liguria, they are hand-picked and selected then brined before crushing into this delicious olive paste. 

Perfect for snacking, adding to bruschetta and savoury biscuits, drizzling onto pizzas or dolloping into sauces. 

Details: 280g or 900g

About La Baita and Galleano
High up in the Ligurian hills in the province of Imperia, La Baita & Galleano have been cultivating olives and all types of vegetables and herbs for over 200 years. Watered by their local springs and all grown on their organic farm in the small village of Gazzo d’Arroscia.

From its olive groves, amongst the highest in Liguria, over 3000 ancient trees produce the tiny taggiasca olives for their acclaimed Slow Food Presidium extra-virgin olive oils and olives. Nearby they grow the famed Ligurian large-leafed basil for pesto, all kids of tomatoes for their delicious sauces, Albenga artichokes, ‘Vessalico’ garlic and ‘trombette’ courgettes for their stunning vegetable pickles and chutneys, ‘Valleggia’ apricots and fruits for their jams, and pick wild herbs for their intensely aromatic herb mixes. They follow the zero food miles philosophy- all olives, vegetables and fruits are hand-picked and processed on the same day into their products following timeless artisan traditions.

The local terroir plays such an important role, as do family traditions and recipes passed down from generation to generation, in their superb products. Today, Marco Ferrari oversees the farm sowing, weeding, picking, and sorting the farm’s bounty sometimes with help from the local villagers, having learnt the lore from his father and mother, Augusto and Assunto, who owned a famed restaurant specialising in wild mushrooms picked on Mount Gazzo for over thirty years. 

“The high altitude at 700 metres, purity of the air and the spring water are the precious elements that help grow our crops ' he says " Even though caring for them on our terraced gardens is not always easy.”

We are very happy to be now offering these exclusively in the UK for the first time.