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In a nutshell: This thirst-quenching drink, made out of organic ingredients (Apple cider vinegar, pressed ginger, Acacia honey, Sicilian lemon juice and acerola cherry) is a brilliant non-alcoholic beverage and if you add, vodka, you've got the makings of a marvellous Moscow Mule! 

The Switchel is a bewitching vinegar-based drink with a fascinating history. Originating in the Caribbean, probably in the 17th-century, when landowners created a refreshing drink out of vinegar, molasses, ginger and water, for their plantation workers in an attempt to stop them drinking rum while they worked! It then became popular in New England where the local maple syrup, or honey, was eventually substituted for the molasses. Widely served on farms, it became known as Haymaker's Punch, and helped to cool the farm workers during busy, and sweltering, summer harvests.

Zingi Bear Ginger Switchel is a sparkling non-alcoholic treat rapidly gaining fans around the UK. Somewhat addictive too, it's already become a staple in our home fridge.

Details: 330ml bottle; Gluten and preservative free; Organic ingredients: pressed ginger root, Acacia honey, Apple cider vinegar, Sicilian lemon juice, Acerola cherry, sea salt

How to use:

  • Chill in the fridge, then add simply add ice and lemon.
  • Make a Moscow Mule with vodka, Zingi Bear and lime wedge.
  • Also delicious with based cocktails.

About Zingi Bear
Our great friend, and Zingi Bear founder Laurie Freeman is all about flavour. A trained cheesemaker and brewer, Laurie is obsessed with great food and drink. A few years wiser, and several hangovers later, Laurie realised that beer isn’t for constant, everyday indulgence, so began searching for a healthy alternative - the only problem was what? Struggling to understand the ingredients in most soft drinks, he realised that something wasn’t quite right, so set out to make something that was still an indulgence, just without the booze. After lots of experimenting / fermenting / blending, and a few Jackson Pollock pieces later in his mum’s kitchen, Zingi Bear was born.

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