Vinegar Pots

We have sourced our impressive stoneware vinegar pots from one of France's oldest surviving ceramic manufacturers in Burgundy. Founded in 1875, they still make the mustard pots for Maille and other familiar kitchen items, such as yoghurt pots, water jugs and terrine bowls. Traditional glazed stoneware has always been the ideal material for making and storing vinegar because of its resistance to acid and its total protection from light.
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Vinegar Pot - Teal
From £120.00
Vinegar Pot - White
From £120.00
Vinegar Pot - Natural
From £100.00
Vinegar Pot - Pewter
From £120.00
Vinegar Pot - Matt Black
From £110.00
Vinegar Pot - Pure White
From £120.00
Vinegar Pot - Foam
From £120.00
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