Blood Orange Vinegar


In a nutshell: This delicously fragrant vinegar, made with Sicilian Tarocco blood oranges and organic Catarratto white wine vinegar is perfect for salads, chicken and seafood recipes or simply use as a drinking vinegar in Shrubs and cocktails.

Inspired by Sicily’s abundant citrus fruits in the winter months, this limited-edition, unpasteurized vinegar is made with uncertified organic Tarocco blood oranges grown by the Laudani family beneath Mount Etna. The juicy fruits, macerated in organic Catarratto white wine vinegar, are aged for a minimum of 9 months before bottling and the result is a vinegar filled with the vibrant flavours of Sicily. Try this zesty vinegar drizzled over fruits or seafood salads, add to chicken marinades before grilling or simply use in Shrub cocktails and punches. 

Details 200ml or 500ml, 6° acidity

About Vinegar Shed
This is how Vinegar Shed came about from a 20 year love affair with making small batches of homemade vinegar in various pots and barrels in our kitchen.  Always giving it away to friends and family, chefs and food writers around the world, they all loved it and encouraged us to start this vinegar revolution! Now, we've progressed to all sorts of wooden barrels and use sustainable oak, chestnut and acacia to age and make our vinegars in our West London HQ.