Habanero Vinegar


In a nutshell: This extremely hot, and fruity, Habanero chilli vinegar will please all chilli aficionados and can be used for Caribbean curries and jerk sauces and marinades. 

Made with fruity Habanero chillies and our own apple cider vinegar, barrel-aged for one year to achieve some amazing flavour, this unpasteurised, live vinegar will add some punchy flavour to all your dishes. Aged for a minimum of six months before bottling, the result is a fragrant, and extremely hot, vinegar for all chilli aficionados. 

How to use:

  • Add to Jamaican Jerk seasonings for chicken and pork.
  • Use in marinades for pork and beef ribs.
  • Add to Mexican-style salsas, curries and stews.
  • Try drizzling a few drops into a Bloody Mary or Dry Martini cocktail to add some exciting flavour and heat.

Details 200ml, 6° acidity

About Vinegar Shed
This is how Vinegar Shed came about from a 20 year love affair with making small batches of homemade vinegar in various pots and barrels in our kitchen.  Always giving it away to friends and family, chefs and food writers around the world, they all loved it and encouraged us to start this vinegar revolution! Now, we've progressed to all sorts of wooden barrels and use sustainable oak, chestnut and acacia to age and make our vinegars in our West London HQ.