Moscatel Reserva Sherry Vinegar


In a nutshell: This sweet and bright Moscatel Sherry vinegar is perfect drizzled onto citrus and seafood salads.

This delightful Moscatel sherry vinegar, aged for a minimum of seven years in barrels,  has a bright, clear amber colour and intense aroma with the soft and flowery aroma typical of Muscat wines.

Bodegas Barbadillo offers four vinegars from its cellars from 'soles' dating back 200 years. Barrel-aged in the traditional 'Criaderas y Soleras' method used to make sherry where a flor (or yeast) forms on the top of the liquid of each barrel. This helps to prevent oxidisation and aids in the creation of an intense vinegar without added sugar. The barrels that already contain vinegar are stacked on at least three levels. Young sherry is added to the top barrel then siphoned into the lower barrels as time goes on. The bottom barrels (the soles) contain the oldest vinegar that is eventually bottled after ageing. This ageing method involves a constant cycle of blending which gives the finished vinegar a complex aroma and long-lasting nutty flavour.

With vibrant, deep colours indicative of the slow, unhurried ageing in oak casks over many years. The characteristic acidity of all these vinegars have been mellowed with slow maturation and offer an exciting spectrum of flavours.

Details 250ml, 6° acidity

About Bodegas Barbadillo
The Barbadillo family are one of the key players in the Sherry trade. From their base in the coastal city of Sanlucar de Barrameda, at the very southwest tip of Spain, the family have forged a reputation as one of the biggest and best Sherry producers. Founded in 1821, their bodegas dominate Sanlucar’s old high town on the ridge of a hill overlooking the city. This allows the sprawling bodegas to benefit from the vital sea winds that blow by capturing the moisture, and regulating temperature, that are both unique factors in creating the ‘flor’ - the famed layer of yeast cells that float on the surface of wine inside the barrels. This is what gives their Manzanilla sherries their unique saline flavour as they age in twelve high-ceilinged bodegas that house over 300,000 sherry butts. One of the bodegas is also devoted to just ageing and making their delicious sherry vinegars.