'Vermeil' Spiced Vinegar


In a nutshell: This fantastic spiced vinegar uses red Banyuls infused with cloves and cinnamon and adds amazing flavour to lentil salads, vegetable soups and green salads. 

Using a recipe first found in an old 16th century cookbook, this fantastic spiced vinegar is made by infusing red Banyuls vinegar with cloves and cinnamon for 8 months in glass demijohns, and the result is a surprising mix of sweetness and acidity. The nose is powerful and refined with the mellow aromas of cloves and cinnamon in the background. This vinegar will add some amazing flavour to your Christmas gravies and salads, also perfect for lentil salads or soups, pot au feu, braised chicken dishes and simple green salads. It’s also excellent for deglazing the frying pan after cooking steak or pork chops. 

Details 500ml; 6° acidity.

About La Guinelle
We are proud to be the sole UK distributor for La Guinelle vinegars. These amazing vinegars are made by Nathalie Lefort in her charming open air vinaigrerie In Cosprons, a hillside village near Port-Vendres, overlooking the rocky Cote Vermeille coast close to Spain. Nathalie bought the small house at the end of a dusty lane in 1999 and soon after decided to revive the lost art of making artisan vinegar outdoors. Her philosophy is simple - " You need good wine to make great vinegar and you let nature do the rest." She uses the famous fortified red Banyuls dessert wine from local vineyards for her core vinegars, plus she also makes some limited production single grape varietal vinegars. Everything is done outdoors "en plein air", using an organic double fermentation process where the wines and vinegars are exposed to natural airborne bacteria in oak barrels for up to 8 months before further ageing in glass demijohns that are shaded from the sun. Discovered by top French chefs, we hope they will also find a spot in your kitchen as a great ingredient to add to favourite recipes, enhance many sauces, gravies and as a finishing ingredient used in the same way as a good quality extra virgin olive oil drizzled onto a dish.

Every year, Nathalie and her team only make about 10,000 bottles including some really interesting, and unique, single varietal and 'flavoured' vinegars which we will always endeavour to buy and stock before they run out.